EFB Pellets: An Emerging Fuel Resource

Increasing growth of global economy has been exerting pressure on existing
energy resources. Sustainable fuel resource development is required to combat
the increasing demand for fuel, the diminishing of fossil fuels and forestry
resource and degradation of environment. One of the emerging BioMass
resource that can help to solve these issues is EFB pellets from oil palm biomass.

Abundance of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB)

Oil palm is a multi-purpose plantation and it is a productive biomass producer. One kg of palm oil produced is accompanied by 4 kg of oil palm biomass, such as oil palm empty fruit bunches known as EFBs and oil palm trunks and fronds. Oil palm biomass and its by-products supplied are seven times of that of natural timber. Oil palm is mainly planted in Southeast Asian region.

Abundance of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB)

State of the Art EFB Production

Advantages of EFB pellets:

  • Generally, the energy content of EFB biomass will be increased after being converted into pellets.
  • Densified EFB pellet fuel or briquettes enjoying a calorific value between 4,200 – 4,900 kg cal/kg 28 can be used to substituted coals to ease energy pressure and environment pressure.
  • EFB pellets is sustainable and renewable and can be produced in large scales which also can be friendly to environment.
  • EFB pellets are densified and clean and can be easily transported and stored. EFB pellets generate little smoke while burning.